1. Can I join EB Bollywood dance school?

Any person (ages 4 & up) who has genuine interest in dancing, are most welcome to join EB Bollywood Dance School...regardless of child/adult, boy/girl, novice/advanced, Indian/non-Indian :)

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2. When is the best time to join?

Talk to the instructor(703.801.7346) and get the best date and most suitable group, as we have several age-groups and locations.

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3. Can the student discontinue when he/she wants?

If the student is part of a choreography for more than one month...
you MUST get a date from the instructor, if you have to "take a break" or "discontinue", so that it won't affect the team and the choreography. You might do it ONLY AFTER completing the choreography and all performances of that.
Kindly let the instructor know as early as possible and he will give the best date for that, without affecting the group's effort.
This is the "GOLDEN RULE" for the school, and each parent (or student) is expected to display a moral commitment to the school and team, by adhering to this.

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4. Does the school arrange performances/recitals for students?

Yes. We get invited to perform for most of the Desi events in Valley, and near by cities. Each of our team perform in front big audiences at least 3-5 times an year. Our teams participate in competitions too.

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5. Our group is organizing a community/charity event. Can EB school perform in our event, for free?

Mostly YES. Our school teams are willing to perform free for most of the local events for a good cause.

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6. What if I miss classes frequently?

Since we are doing team-choreography, any student's absence creates extra-work and time-loss for the instructor and team. So...please TRY UR BEST not to miss regular weekly sessions (unless for a genuine "unavoidable" reason)
In case anyone MUST miss a class, provide advance notification (through email/phone) without fail. The absentee can catch-up in following class, and from our practice videos.

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7. Can I pay for classes I attend?

Unfortunately, NO.
We have a "fixed monthly payment" system. Only for the enrollment month you can pro-rate for attended classes, if you joined in the mid of a month.

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8. How & when do I pay?

Each student must pay the fixed monthly fees in cash, before 15th of every calendar month.
Any payment after 15th should include a late-fee of $5, and any payment after the last day of the month should include an additional $10.
You MUST get & sign the "fee chart" before making any payment. It is your duty not to forget, as any vacant column will be considered as "unpaid" in future.

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9. Do I get any discounts in payment?

Of course. So Many :)
Sibling discount - Each sibling gets $5 OFF, every month.
Bulk Payment discount - You get $10 OFF when you pay 3 months' fee together in advance.
Referral discount - You get $20 OFF from following month's fee, when a new student gets enrolled through your reference.

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10. Can my child opt-out from the upcoming stage performance?

Since most of our dances are team choreographies (with formations, and individual roles), absence of any team member from shows might put us in trouble, leaving the whole team's mammoth effort in vain..! Your kids' big effort and dream turns fruitful, only with the applause and compliments from the audience.
Discuss with instructor in the earliest, if you have any serious "unavoidable" conflict during performance time.

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11. I would like to stand in the front row for performances. Can I?

Unfortunately No. The stage positions are primarily based on their performance-level, and secondarily on their size. It is purely based on choreographer's plan.

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12. Is there a school vacation?

No. Except 2-3 major long weekends in an year, which will be informed in advance.
These cancellations will be compensated with extra rehearsals before performances.

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13. What if the student needs to travel for a vacation?

Each student can take one vacation in an year, in case of a long trip. The dates must be informed in writing in advance, student will get a fee-waiver for that period.

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14. Can I get a snap-shot of the EB school system?

* Regular class attendance of student is expected; Absences from any session should be informed in advance, without fail.
* Once they are part of a choreography, participation is mandatory for stage-performances(and any final rehearsals) of their team.
* IF you have to discontinue/take a long break at any point in future, you may do that in a month's notice, BUT ONLY after completion of that choreography and all performances of the same, so that team or choreography doesn't get affected.
* Once a 5 min choreography is ready, team might perform it at 3-4 major venues which will earn students big exposure, experience and confidence.
* School will announce performance dates as early as it gets confirmed, so that parents can avoid/work-out any other conflicts.
* The school arranges the costume for the particular choreogarphy. The student can "pay and use" it for each show, for an affordable rent.

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15. Where can I find the school policies documented?

Please read completely: http://dancebollywood.net/for-parents.html

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