As we all know, ElectroBattles dance school is a collaborative effort from the parents, students and the instructor. The high level of mutual understanding, co-operation and hard work of these 3 pillars, have brought..and will continue making wonders in front of thousands! Below are the major practices that we follow to remain a successful school and a friendly big family, at the same time. Thanks all for adhering to below guidelines..!

EB School Policies

Class Attendance:
Since we are doing team-choreography, any student's absence creates extra-work and time-loss for the instructor and team.
So...please TRY UR BEST not to miss regular weekly sessions (unless for genuinely unavoidable reasons) In case anyone MUST miss, provide advance notification (through email/phone) without fail.

Stage Performances:
Since the EB dance instruction is mainly focused on high quality team shows on major venues, we give utmost importance to them. Since most of our dances are team choreographies (with formations, and individual roles), absence of any team member from shows will put us in trouble, leaving the whole team's mammoth effort in vain..! Your kids' big effort and dream turns fruitful, only with the applause and compliments from the audience

Payment Deadlines/Penatlties:
Please note that payment is per calender month. The monthly payment is expected before 15th of each calender month (for eg: You may need to pay the fees for Jan 1 to Jan 31, before Jan 15). Any payment after 15th should include a late-fee of $5, and any payment after the last day of the month should include an additional $10. You'll receive $10 discount when you pay 3 months payment together, in advance.

Friendly Reminders:
1. EB school will be observing "holiday" on 2-3 major long weekends in an year, to accommodate family trips or plans (as per parents' suggestion)
2. I would humbly request you to avoid any chat/discussion with me in the class, as it may interfere with class schedule. I'll be very happy to have communicate through emails (preferred) OR over phone (1PM-5PM/after 9PM).
3. I will highly appreciate if parents or siblings can remain out of sight of the students, when the class is in progress, as it is hard to grab their attention while others are around.
4. Kindly NO excuses for the uniform T-shirts. You may need to keep one in your car so that they can wear it even when you are not coming directly from home. Shorts, pyjamas or track pants are okay for the bottom (No skirts or heavy jeans please)

Liability Waiver:
Parents will be solely liable, in case of any rare but possible incidents of any kind of injury or damage to the student, or his/her property, in the class/in the class premises/on the stage, during the practices/performances or any school related activities. ElectroBattles school or instructors or other students, won't be responsible for any such rare, but unexpected occurrences. Parents will have to sign a liability waiver statement, for protecting the interest of the school, instructor and hosting facilities.

Parents must get a date from the instructor, for both events - "enrollment" and "taking break/discontinuing", so that it doesn't affect the team and the choreography. If your child is part of a current choreography and you want to take a break (or discontinue) you can do it ONLY AFTER completing all performances of that choreography. Feel free to let me know and I'll work it out for you, without putting the team in trouble and despair. As families and students are together doing a huge "team-work based on trust", kindly respect your moral commitment to the school, to the team, and other families, on such an occasion.

N.B: Any new guidelines/policies will be added to this page in the future.

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